Kitchen Cooked Chips have been around for as long as you can probably remember, in fact they were first created during the Great Depression of the 1930's.

Flossie Howard began making potato chips as a way to make ends meet. She lovingly did the entire process of peeling, slicing and cooking the potatoes by hand in small, cast iron kettles. She began the business from her home, and later moved to a building that was once was a church in the small Central Illinois community of Farmington.

The homemade chips were a huge success in Farmington and soon word spread to other nearby communities. The fresh and tasty potato chips were becoming quite popular! The Howards were soon able to begin distribution in nearby communities with the help of Betty Ann Bakery delivery trucks. Flossie and her family ran the small but profitable business for nearly 35 years.

When Flossie’s health started to fail, the decision was made to retire and sell the business to local Hanna City resident, Richard Blackhurst. In 1976 a potato chip factory was built in Bushnell, IL to fulfill the expanding market. Meanwhile, in Farmington a new factory was constructed in 1978. The chips were gaining quite a reputation. Supply and demand was high. The two factories were distributing a massive amount of product to an ever-growing market. Not surprisingly, Kitchen Cooked Potato Chips had become a permanent fixture in Central Illinois!


Since our beginnings in the 1930’s Kitchen Cooked has been proud to support the local community by buying local ingredients for their flavorful products. We employ more than 90 people right here in Illinois, at our Bushnell and Farmington Plants combined. From the local farmer who grows our potatoes to the salesmen who stock your grocery store’s shelves we take pride in our work and the flavor of our chips.